18/09: NP_DewPlayer : Nucleus Plugin for easy insert of DewPlayer

This little Nucleus plugin will help you inserting the DewPlayer mp3 reader inside your blog items.

1. What is Dewplayer?
DewPlayer is a very simple yet useful flash mp3 reader that one can insert anywhere in a page to read an mp3 on user's demand. It was developed by AlsaCreations, an innovative french web agency. Please visit their website for more information. Below is an example of what this plugin does (musique extract by ALMA).

Willing to insert music in my blog, I was quick tired of copy/pasting the full flash object HTML code in my articles, so I developed this little plug-in that allows the insertion with a simple <%dewplayer(file.mp3)%> tag in your blog items body or extended parts.

2. Installation :
  • Download and unzip the plugin (see download below)
  • Upload the dewplayer.swf file somewhere on your server
  • Upload the NP_Dewplayer.php file in the plugins directory of Nucleus
  • Install the plugin from the Administration Console
  • Set the plugin options to specify the complete URL of the SWF file. For example :

3. Usage
Once installed, just use the following syntax inside your items : <%dewplayer(urlOfYourFile.mp3)%>

4. Download
Download latest release here : (v1.00).

Comments made

So with this player, the hosting of the files is still up to you, right?
20/09 01:54:18
And did you do the little plug-in? If so, congratulations! You should give yourself more credit!
our post makes it sound like Alsacreations are the one who did it...

Do you know if this works for other blog platforms than Nucleus?

20/09 01:59:20
I meant "your post ..." :)
Sorry for spamming your "comments" section :)
20/09 02:00:08
Io Hugo, to answer your questions :
+ Yes i did develop the plug-in, it was not the very hard part of the task but you're right, i should mention it more clearly :-)
+ For the hosting of the mp3, yes you have to host them, or you can also point to another file on another server
+ This plug-in works only for Nucleus. Btw, Nucleus is lighter than Wordpress, and in my opinion, more open-source and flexible...
20/09 09:33:29

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