04/10: Solving soundcards problem with ASUS P5K motherboards

After having spent some time (and made some grey hairs) on solving sound problems with my soundcard on my new config, I thought it could be useful to post the solution here...

The config : ASUS P5K Motherboard + Intel Dual Core 2GHz / Windows XP Home Edition SP2 / Professionnal Soundcard Echo MIA then M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB
The problem : no way to get the soundcard work, the sound made crakles and finally lost itself...
The solution : everything comes from the integrated soundcard of the motherboard... So the only solution was to disable the onboard soundcard in the BIOS (look in Advanced > Onboard Periph Config) and totally re-install windows. Disabling the soundcard from the windows material manager was not enough, only a full reinstalll would work.

Well, hoping this can help!

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