17/06: Monsieur Malaussène au théâtre

Pour les inconditionnels de la série des "malaussènes" de Daniel Pennac, ou simplement pour ceux qui aiment le théâtre, je recommande chaudement d'aller voir "Monsieur Malaussène au Théâtre" au théâtre du Funambule à Paris (18e). Bon j'avoue, l'acteur principal est mon cousin germain, mais franchement pour avoir assisté hier à cette pièce, ou plutôt devrais-je dire cette performance, je peux affirmer que ça vaut vraiment le coup! Antoine y interprète tous les personnages de la tribu Malaussène avec brio, dégageant une énergie folle, changeant de peau en un quart de seconde, et sa performance est vraiment impressionnante! Le texte de Pennac, toujours à la limite entre la drôlerie et le pessimisme, est ainsi servi de manière magistrale. Avis aux amateurs! Cf billetreduc.com.

14/05: Original Barbershop New Album

I'm pleased to announce "Yé Doubout", the new album of Original Barbershop, a french roots reggae band singing in french and creole. They are big friends of Alma (they recently saved our lives with their van when we were in the center of the "Fiat Ducato Crisis"), and I personally played the keyboards on 5 songs of this album...
So please visit Original Barbershop website and buy the album!

15/11: Pandora.com : new type of Internet Radio

I've recently discovered Pandora, a new concept for an internet radio, which i find really appealing : the principle is to make you discover artists that you will most probably like. To achieve that, you create your own radio station from an artist's name or even an artist's precise song, an a play-list of songs that share the same "attributes" is built dynamically for that new station.
The "attributes" are characteristics of the sound of the artist or song like the style, the tempo, the instruments used, etc. This relies on the "Music Genome Project" that extracts from 200 to 400 attributes from any songs so the adequation is very strong, and they associate songs by navigating in this genes map. It works very well, and you can create a radio station from many artists to keep a good variety and discover a wide range of artists in a style you like.
You can see my own stations in the right column of this site, if you click on one station, it will launch the Pandora player with this station. Pandora is really a radio, since you cannot replay songs. And they also have a huge database of information (they call it "Backstage") about a lot of artists and album.
Really cool.

10/10: Sellaband : shared production

I've been notified of a quite interesting new concept : http://www.sellaband.com/. The model is the following : the fan of a band are the band's producers! When an artist subscribes to this service, groopies can invest 10$ in a "part of a future album" and when the investment reaches 50000$, Sellaband pays for a professionnal recording to the band, send the album to the investors, and then put the music freely downloadable on their website. The advertising that will make money on the site will then retribute equally the artist, the investors, and the website.
The only thing that is still to dig is that they impose their own producer and studios for the recording, and they can close your page when they want. So if they close your page when you have gathered 49000$, where goes the money? MMmmm. Still, i find the concept very new and very interesting.

05/08: Opening of my blog

Hi, i am a keyboard player and also a former software engineer. So in this blog you will find interesting stuff about both music, and particularly keyboards, organs, vintage gear that i love to use, and computer stuffs, like Nucleus skins or plugins, developement tips, etc. I hope you can find something useful!