04/10: Solving soundcards problem with ASUS P5K motherboards

After having spent some time (and made some grey hairs) on solving sound problems with my soundcard on my new config, I thought it could be useful to post the solution here...

The config : ASUS P5K Motherboard + Intel Dual Core 2GHz / Windows XP Home Edition SP2 / Professionnal Soundcard Echo MIA then M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB
The problem : no way to get the soundcard work, the sound made crakles and finally lost itself...
The solution : everything comes from the integrated soundcard of the motherboard... So the only solution was to disable the onboard soundcard in the BIOS (look in Advanced > Onboard Periph Config) and totally re-install windows. Disabling the soundcard from the windows material manager was not enough, only a full reinstalll would work.

Well, hoping this can help!

29/03: AjaXplorer : web-based files browser

ajaXplorer is an easy-to-install files explorer for remotely managing files on a web server, or using as a simple filesharing system. Its rich layout and actions make it accessible to any end-user. It requires PHP and FTP access to install.

I developed it for a file sharing purpose, and it is now available for download on Sourceforge.net. The interface is Ajax based, thus providing very intuitive functionnalities, very close of a standard filesystem explorer you can find on any OS. The following actions can be performed on your server files :
=> Create new directory, create new file, upload new file
=> Rename, copy, move, delete, download a file
=> Online edit a file if it is a text file (txt, js, html, css, etc.)
It also provides a bookmarks system allowing the user to save folder locations and jump to them directly.

Just download the zip on SourceForge, unzip, change some configuration variables, upload it on your webserver and your done! Installations instructions can be found in the doc/ directory.

Donwload URL : http://sourceforge.net/projects/ajaxplorer/
MiniSite URL : http://ajaxplorer.sourceforge.net/

Some screenshots :
Bookmarks System
Generic View

This application uses some of the WebFX widgets (XLoadTree, SortableTable and Selectable), as well as LightBox modified by Leightbox.

01/03: Interesting Flash Tricks and Players

While developing a new version for the Alma website, I found some interesting flash tricks that I want to share:

The XSPF Web Music Player
It's a highly configurable MP3 player that can read a track listing (written in XSPF, and XML format for sharing playlists) or a single mp3 url, and that is comparable to the DewPlayer (that I already mentionned in a previous article). Compared to Dewplayer, I really like the "single button" version, since it is much smaller and you can easily change the colors (background, button, etc...) or even the images used for the button through flash variables. So if you need something smaller than the dewplayer (particularly without the progress bar) and more configurable, it's an interesting choice. (I will update this article with an example as soon as the new website is online).
You can find this player here : http://musicplayer.sourceforge.net/

Very useful javascript code, it helps you inserting a flash movie in your page with many advantages :
. Clear code, no need to put all the <embed>etc.... html code, a single javascript line generates this html code with compatibility with major browsers. Basically, you create an empty identified DIV in your html, then create the movie in javascript like a simple object, and finally call UFO.create(MOVIE, "divName");
. The generated code is written so that Internet Explorer will auto-activate the flash movie : this very very useful, it avoids users to have to click a first time on any flash movie before being able to use them effectively (it uses microsoft API for autoactivating ActiveX modules).
. It can also be usefull to use a given part of your page (the DIV) being the "player" for various movies when you click on links. You will see this in the "videos" page of the website.
You can download this script and see how it works here : http://www.bobbyvandersluis.com/ufo/

18/09: NP_DewPlayer : Nucleus Plugin for easy insert of DewPlayer

This little Nucleus plugin will help you inserting the DewPlayer mp3 reader inside your blog items.

1. What is Dewplayer?
DewPlayer is a very simple yet useful flash mp3 reader that one can insert anywhere in a page to read an mp3 on user's demand. It was developed by AlsaCreations, an innovative french web agency. Please visit their website for more information. Below is an example of what this plugin does (musique extract by ALMA).

Willing to insert music in my blog, I was quick tired of copy/pasting the full flash object HTML code in my articles, so I developed this little plug-in that allows the insertion with a simple <%dewplayer(file.mp3)%> tag in your blog items body or extended parts.

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10/08: Some useful links...

I want to mention some useful tools I use in (or to help development in) my various sites (www.almasound.com, www.mostar-style.net). It concerns PHP, JavaScript and generally speaking web developement.

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09/08: FreePlayer et ZoneAlarm

Alors, après avoir parcouru les forums en long en large et en travers pour chercher comment configurer mon firewall ZoneAlarm pour que le multiposte fonctionne, j'ai réussi à faire marcher le bizeness en suivant les étapes ci dessous :

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