23/11: Alma new album

Alma is presenting his new album, "Get In The Van", and for the occasion, 250 copies are on sell now! Reserve your copy on almasound.com!
Reggae dub & Salsa, to listen very loud!

28/12: Des news de l'Aquapad....

Je suis toujours branché sur la programmation de l'Aquapad, l'ordi minimaliste à base d'écran tactile dont j'avais déjà parlé dans un précédent article... Très bientôt, je serai en mesure de balancer des photos et des screenshots de la nouvelle application mythique, "Automatic Pilot". Allié à un routeur midi assez complet, l'idée va être de commander tous les changements de son de tous mes claviers entre chaque chanson, en appuyant sur un seul bouton... Stay tuned, des infos très bientôt!
Et puis bon sinon, joyeux noël, bonne année tout ça, plein de bonheur quoi. Nous on se casse en Suisse et en Allemagne avec Alma, donc on se revoit l'année prochaine!

06/12: Look at her foot! Matez son pied!

Crazy walking bass on Hammond B3...
Walking bass de folie sur un B3... Ca se passe de commentaires :-)

17/10: Struck by the GAS

Today i have been struck again by the GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrôme, or Syndrôme du Tout Tout de Suite en français) : I found a Muse Receptor for half price on ebay! The Receptor is hardware host for VST plugins that will allow me to bring crazy sounds and effects with me on stage. The difference with what could a laptop do is that it is really optimized for that task, much more stable, rack-mounted, reboot in same state in seconds, dedicated human interface with buttons and knobs, much more usable than a laptop with a sound card and a mouse. Ach, damned, sorry my dear VISA, i just craked down again. I keep you in touch as soon as i receive it!

02/09: Still fancying on Leslie's and Hammonds

Look at this new model of Leslie, the Leslie 3300, and click the "Play Video Demo" and "Play Audio Demo", it's "tiny" and it sounds so good.... I want ooooonne! Pleeaase! :-)
I may have to play Loto next week...

23/08: Nord Electro + Leslie

Leslie Cabinet Hey i just spent one day recording for a very good reggae band, Original Barbershop. The sound engineer was a former keyboard player (from the band Western Specials) and had a lot of gear at home, including a leslie! So i recorded my nord electro through the leslie speaker : I LOVE IT!! The attack is overblasting, the bass takes you in your hole body... I could figure out that the leslie simulation of the electro is not so far from reality, except for the shouting trebles... God bless the Leslie! :-)

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09/08: Nord Modular + Aquapad...

Nord ModularI bought this wonderfull engine that is the Nord Modular from clavia. This modular synthesizer is entirelly configured on the computer, then you load your patches in the machine and take it away to the gigs.

The power resides in the fact that any module can be plugged into any other : want to modulate the pitch of an oscillator by a logic signal, send its output in a quantifier, mix it logically with white noise or random clock?? It can do it!

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