09/08: Nord Modular + Aquapad...

Nord ModularI bought this wonderfull engine that is the Nord Modular from clavia. This modular synthesizer is entirelly configured on the computer, then you load your patches in the machine and take it away to the gigs.

The power resides in the fact that any module can be plugged into any other : want to modulate the pitch of an oscillator by a logic signal, send its output in a quantifier, mix it logically with white noise or random clock?? It can do it!

AquapadI also used to have in some dark place of my room a strange and totally useless computer, the "Aquapad". This is a kind of small computer that has no keyboard but just a tactile screen... The hardware on this is very poor (1Go micro drive and very few ram), but it has a Win2000 installed on it, that struggles for opening any heavy application.

So I has the idea that MIDI messages management should not be a "heavy" application, and I wanted to use this tactile screen to make a special "pad" for the modular. Using javax.sound.midi package (because I already know java), I coded the stuff, and after many trys, it actually does work perfectly!!!! I will put the code and some photo of the installation online very soon!

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great blog charlie les bons skeudi...
For ignorant people like me, can you also give examples of what you will actually *do* using the aquapad? changing your presets during gigs? loading a particular sound? What is a pad? (you might have told me, but i apparently forgot)
25/08 23:33:20
As you can see on the Aquapad photo, the "pad" is just a word for the tactile screen. I will use this to control a given sound parameters by touching the screen. Depending on the position of my finger of screen, the sound will be more or less distorted, treble, screaming... Actually, I programmed the thing to control two midi parameters on X and Y axis.
So the aim of all this is just to have a midi controller that differs from usual buttons, sliders, etc.. It is more fun, more visual on stage for the audience...
26/08 11:58:46

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